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What is nimbld?

nimbld is a platform that gives solopreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and digital nomads access to flexible and affordable hot desks and workspaces in offices. Why be stuck at home or have a single workplace when there are so many inspiring places to work from? If you’re a business owner, nimbld is a platform where you can monetise any spare spaces you have in your office and generate extra revenue, in a way that suits you.

What is a nimbler?

A nimbler is an individual, usually a remote worker, freelancer, digital nomad, or solopreneur – who could use flexible, affordable workspaces near them.

What is a host?

A host is a business, of any size, with spare workspaces available in their office for at least some of the time – and who can in turn monetise these on nimbld by hiring them to nimblers based nearby.

How does nimbld work?

When you sign up you will be invited to create either a host profile, or a nimbler profile.

nimblers are individuals using nimbld to find flexible and affordable workspaces wherever they are, and hosts are businesses using nimbld to generate extra revenue from their spare workspaces by hiring them out to the nimbler community. As a nimbler, you book workspaces and services and pay through nimbld and we release the funds to the provider after the service is complete, minus a small commission. As a host, you get to decide how frequently you would like your earnings to be released to your bank account in order to minimise administrative time overhead.

Why should I use nimbld?

Maybe you’re constantly on the go and want to be more productive between meetings. Maybe you just need a coworking space every once in a while. Maybe you’re tired of hopping from one coffee shop to another with bad wifi, no plugs, uncomfortable seats. Maybe you’re getting your new company off the ground and are looking to meet like-minded people. Maybe you want to find a convenient location to meet with your team. Or, maybe you just don’t feel like spending hundreds per month on a workspace! 

Maybe you have desks empty in your office, an accountant or coder who only comes in once a week but needs a workspace – it being empty for the rest of the time? With spaces at a premium in main cities, it makes business sense to draw revenue from these empty desks. You can additionally grow your network locally, by using nimbld you know exactly who will come into your office as only nimbld members (nimblers) can rent spaces on the platform.

How does the sign-up process work for a nimbler?

You sign up and create a profile. You can then browse and bookmark any workspaces who are of interest to you. You pick your date and time, and either book directly with those who have Instant Booking enabled, or you request to book. (We recommend you use our messaging service at all times, and keep all communications within nimbld in case of any disputes.) You pay in advance, but the host only receives their payment once the service or space booking is complete.

You also have a dashboard at your disposal where you can see all your spend and earnings history, and you can make withdrawals from nimbld into your bank account at your convenience – it is up to you to decide the frequency of deposits to best suit your administrative needs.

And of course, if you have any questions or need any help you can reach us anytime via our customer service chat at or via our email at We love to hear from our community!

We are a very early stage company and are very excited to welcome our early users to use the Beta version of the platform – and we believe you will absolutely love it when we roll out the full version of the platform later in the year.

We will also be extending major discounts and rebates as we move to the fuller version of the platform – to honor and celebrate our early nimblders! 

How does the sign-up process work for a host?

We are very keen to connect with our early users as they join our Beta platform, as such please email us on to join – and we will more than happy to set you up on our platform. If you are London-based we are even happy to potentially come to your office and take professional-level photos of the space. We will create the listings for you and we will work together to ensure you have the best possible experience with us.

You can of course sign up as a host directly, but as we smooth out the user experience on the platform, we have found that hosts have a better experience of our Beta version if we work together to get you set up.

You will then have the choice to either enable instant bookings, or if you would rather manually approve each booking. You will also be able to customise how frequently you would like to withdraw funds from your earnings wallet. You will be able to see your listings, earnings and more on your own dashboard.

You can set your availability when creating your listing, and also decide how long you would be willing to wait for payment to arrive into the nimbld escrow account – if no payment is made within that time window, the time slot automatically gets released. Easy. After the booking takes place, the funds are released from the escrow account and into your wallet, from which you can release funds to your bank account on a set schedule – at your convenience.

What cities can I use nimbld in?

Currently nimbld is starting out in London & rest of UK, Austin Texas, New York City, and Lisbon Portugal, but as new users and workspace partners join us we will gradually extend our reach. Get in touch with us if you would like us to come to your town next!

What are your opening hours?

nimbld itself operates within working hours, Monday through Friday, but our partner venues’ hours may vary. Please ensure you check each space’s opening hours.

Why the weird name, nimbld?
Also, how do you pronounce it?

nimbld got its name from a play on words on the adjective nimble, as in agile, flexible. We are all about supporting the hyper-flexible nature of freelancers, solopreneurs, digital nomads, remote workers, and side hustlers’ lifestyles, by enabling them to find everything they need, wherever work takes them.

By using us to help streamline your workdays, we could say your days become more nimble as a result… or that they have been “nimbled”, making those doing the “nimbling”… “nimblers”, which is what we call our users.

I am an investor. Are you raising?

As a matter of fact – we are! You can find out more here and you can email us for an Investor Pack at

We look forward to connecting with you!

More questions?

Feel free to email us at !